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Canadian Biker – October/November 2015

The October/ November 2015 issue of Canadian Biker is now available through single copy sales .

canadian biker arch confederate ronin

On the cover is a unique motorcycle built on a familiar but discontinued chassis. Discontinued not from an inability to perform but due to cold, hard numbers. Sad but another story. The results here are part resurrection, part triumph of design and the all encompassing drive to do something different. The bike in question is a very limited edition motorcycle from a very limited production motorcycle company. Ronin Motor Works is going to build fewer than 50 motorcycles so should your tastes run to the very exclusive

type of motorcycle this might be your chance. We also consider several other “boutique” manufacturers that are building bikes that are stunning in design, very expensive to buy and extremely difficult to get your hands on. Arch KRGT-1These offering include the KRGT-1 from Arch Motorcycles. Grab a napkin because some of you may be inclined to drool – we did.

As we seemed firmly entrenched this issue on the subject of rolling eye-candy, we look at the new for 2016 Harley-Davidson models including a sportier sportster, the revised Forty-Eight, and some very sweet CVO offerings.

As the surrounding pages seem to call for it we covet three additional custom bikes. One formed the basis for Yamaha’s new for Europe (we have no confirmation on its North American status) XSR700. It is all in the name of Faster Sons as Shinya Kimura builds a retro, hFasterSon2ipster machine. Our own Technical Editor Rich Burgess chips in with his old school custom.


ted_trackGrab the bars and go! What is that old expression? There might be snow on the seat but there is still a fire in the exhaust? Needless to say some of those “distinguished gentleman” are fast. Behind many a helmet are stories of earlier and not to be forgotten glory and excitement. Racing back in the day was a test of both man and machine and we talk to two Canadian men who made their mark on the race circuit both in Canada and abroad.

The touring story this month is a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Scenery, roads, scenery and even twistier roads. A rider’s dream.


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