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Electric Impressionism – A Beautiful Recreation

The Elettracker is stunning. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool petrol head has to smile when looking at this bike. A tribute to board track racers, this remarkable bike is an electric motorcycle with a bit of an pedal assist. Built by GDesigns in Italy, the bike was entered at the custom bike show held during Italian Bike Week 2021.

It is of little surprise that Elettracker (below) won its category. But the category does cause some head scratching but that’s understandable as the Elettracker was an unusual entry in competition dominated by all manners of gas-powered motorcycles. Perhaps with nowhere else to put the obvious contender for a trophy, the bike was slotted in the “Metric” class – which it ultimately won.

beautiful electric flat track classic - electric motorcycles canada

Part of what makes the Elettracker work so well is that it doesn’t look like an electric motorcycle. The batteries are cylindrical, finned and precisely proportioned to emulate the size of a motor that would have powered the bike in the early 1900s like the 1915 Harley-Davidson board tracker (centre). 

Yes, traditional features are missing, the mufflers, piping for fuel and oil but the other elements including the truss front end, the leather saddle, and sharply downward oriented bars and white tires accurately portary the origins of the deisgn.

Within a few year electric motorcycles will have thier own category at the Italian Biker Week and other custom bike shows, but for the time being the Elettracker is a great “metric” winner.


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