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Canadian Biker – July 2014

July 2014

July 2014

The July 2014 issue of Canadian Biker has been dropped in a mailbox. It isn’t a very big mailbox so stuffing all those copies in …. well, it is a bit of a challenge and that is saying nothing of having to lick all those stamps.

Fortunately that isn’t how the process works today as that would be very old school. Which just happens to segway nicely into the BMW R nineT that graces the cover of the new issue. Retro bikes have long been a fruitful area for motorcycle manufacturers. The splashy return of a fondly remembered model with a built-in fan base. It most cases that might just be the recipe for success.

Elsewhere in the new Canadian Biker we ride Yamaha’s new FZ-09. It is a bike intended to bridge the gag between small displacement machines and Yamaha’s own FZ-09. Obviously styled after its larger stablemate the FZ-07 bring s all to to table without taking a huge bite out of your wallet. Sure there are a few things missing but none that take away from the enjoyment of the ride. In addition to the Yamaha, In the seemingly never-ending stream of Monsters from Ducati we take a look at the new 1200.

Ever thought about racing? Ever thought about riding in the winter. Ever thought of the bone chilling cold that would result if you combined those two things. Well we know about a few guys that did just that and to make it a little more interesting (if that is really even necessary) they dust off an ancient bike to be their go-to machine. Studs on ice is right!

Enjoy the July 2014 issue of Canadian Biker!

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