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Bespoke Electric Motorcycle – Curtiss One

We have been waiting and watching for the reveal of a new Curtiss Motorcycles model. There have been a number of tempting offerings over the last several years including the Hades and the Zeus Radial V8 as Curtiss transitioned from the former Confederate Motorcycles and moved from gas to electric motorcycles. Now there appears to be an actual bike you plug in beside your Tesla Cybertruck as the company calls this motorcycle the first new Curtiss in more than 100 years.  

Curtiss Motorcycles is accepting orders for the company’s Curtiss One electric motorcycle. There are two options available for purchase. The first is the Glen H Curtiss Founders Edition that will have priority for build and delivery before the end of 2021. The Founders Edition will be limited to 15 bikes and priced at $115,000 (US) with $30,000 due upon receipt of the order. Following the order there will be a 90-day period of working with Curtiss creatives to personally design and customize the bike and then a 60-day build period before the big cheque is due. 

Curtiss one electric motorcycle black studio shot side angle

The special edition bike will feature carbon fibre suspension, all chassis and suspension hardware updated to titanium, customer choice of colour, the option of carbon fibre wheels, a genuine horsehide seat, two exclusive leather jackets (his and hers),  an oil painting by the Curtiss designer JT Nesbitt and a letter of provenance from Curtiss CEO H. Mathew Chambers. 

The other bike, the “standard” Curtiss One, will be available as a 2022 model for deliveries in late 2021 priced at $81,000 with a $9,000 deposit. Both models will come with a factory-spec 120 horsepower and 147 foot-pounds peak toque which should be more than enough to get the surprisingly light 425-pound bikes rolling.

• Canadian Biker, Issue #352

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